Cribbage The Board Game Customer Testimonials

The best Cribbage The Board Game review are the testimonials that come from those who have actually purchased and played the game. It is so gratifying to hear how much our customers are enjoying our game so we thought it would be fun to share with you some of the testimonials we have received:

"I recently had the pleasure of playing Cribbage – The Board Game, I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game." K.D. - Calgary, Alberta

"I played it (Cribbage – The Board Game) this weekend and it is wonderful." Paula Saskatoon

"A few years ago we were given one of your Cribbage – The Board Game, we have enjoyed it so much as well as many of our friends." Lloyd Rowan, Iowa

"I had the opportunity to play Cribbage on the board you developed, I really enjoyed it." Gloria Stony Plain, Alberta

"We purchased Cribbage – The Board Game and love it." Elaine Honeymoon Bay, BC

"A friend of mine has one (Cribbage – The Board Game) none of us has ever seen this game before, we now play it every night, there are 3 of us who want this great game." Warren Lampman, Sk.

"My wife and I play at least 2 games (Cribbage – The Board Game) EVERY day." Frank Scottsdale, Arizona

"We found it (Cribbage – The Board Game) challenging and a nice change from the regular cribbage game." Gail Amherst,NS

"A friend of a friend has your cribbage board game, my husband and I played it and Loved it!" Elaine Creston, BC

"Would it be possible for you to send me 3 Cribbage – The Board Game? I have been enjoying it immensely since I got mine and would like other friends to enjoy it as well." M. Toronto, Ontario

"I was given one of your board games last summer and in return gave it to my dad who was in the hospital at the time and we both thoroughly enjoyed it.
Great game!!" 
Larry Grand Prairie

"I am a senior citizen and was taken with that way of playing Cribbage." Doris Lloydminster

"I’ve played Cribbage – The Board Game several times and enjoy it as it is more challenging than the board." Isabell Huxley, Alberta

"Our friends brought their Cribbage – The Board Game the other day, we really enjoyed playing it." Margaret Manitou, Manitoba

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