Crib Hand Alternate Scoring Method, Cribbage The Board Game

The creators of Cribbage The Board Game are happy to introduce an alternate scoring method for the dealer’s CRIB HAND. This change/alternative gives the dealer an opportunity to improve the scoring power of two of her/his cribbage hands, hence the “crib” advantage. There is also the scenario where no improvement may be made (see Special Note below). It all rests on the roll of the die!

All the original rules of play remain the same, players still alternate placing cards on the game board, building cribbage scoring hands while attempting to block their opponent from doing the same. 

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When all the spaces are covered on the game board the dealer’s opponent cuts the cards on the centre square. The revealed card counts in both players #3 scoring hand (H-3 & V-3 as shown in the illustrations below). 

Here’s how the alternate crib hand scoring method works:

The dealer now rolls the die. The number rolled on the die indicates the opponent’s scoring hand in which the dealer is allowed to switch the position of 2 cards. Ideally this “switching” gives the dealer the opportunity to improve 1 or 2 of her/his scoring hands… This is the dealer’s “crib” advantage. This rule change really makes the crib hand more of a factor in the game.

The following illustrations demonstrate how it works: 

The dealer’s scoring hands are the vertical rows, V-1 to V-5 and the opponent’s scoring hands are the horizontal rows, H-1 to H-5.

Illustration #1 shows the completed play with all cribbage hands on the game board completed and the centre card cut.

(Illustration #1)

Now the dealer rolls, a 5 on the die is the result in this example and the dealer is allowed to switch 2 cards in their opponent’s horizontal scoring hand H-5. 

By switching the 2 cards (as shown in illustration #2) the dealer will gain an additional 11 points. 

(Illustration #2)

Illustration #3 shows the completed round of play with the alternate crib scoring method completed.

(Illustration #3)


We believe it’s a nice spin to an already enjoyable game. 

SPECIAL NOTE: If the dealer rolls a 6, no switching of cards occurs.

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