What's Cribbage The Board Game?

In 1632, Sir John Sucking, an English Poet, created a card game to become known as "Cribbage".

To this day Cribbage (a.k.a. - Crib) has been one of the most popular games of all time.  After more than 350 years Cribbage has remained virtually unchanged...that is until we created... Cribbage The Board Game.

It's an exciting and challenging addition to the traditional game of Cribbage. It's easy to learn...a great game for beginners as well as the most experienced Cribbage enthusiasts! 

How It Works?

"Cribbage the Board Game" offers all the fun and excitement of traditional Cribbage with the play happening on a challenging game board format.

Cribbage the Board Game consists of 25 playing squares on the game board, players form traditional Cribbage hands in the 5 vertical rows and the 5 horizontal rows.  

Players/Teams are dealt 12 cards each, the 25th card is placed face down on the center square of the game board. Players alternate placing one card at a time face up on the game board.

It's sounds fairly simple...however, the defensive and offensive strategies really begin to unfold as players work at building their scoring hands while trying to block their opponent from doing the same. Numbered playing squares on the game board allow players to "peg" points, just as in the original game of Crib. When all the spaces on the game board have been covered, the center card is revealed and the players count their Cribbage hands. The first player or team to score 121 points wins.

It's fun, fast paced Cribbage action on a game board. Here's a video Wayne produced on "how to play"...

Cribbage The Board Game is a great game for the whole family as well as those wily old Cribbage combatants. Recommended for ages 8 to adult and can be played by 2-6 players. 

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